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Protect your Privacy on the Internet

BitBuckler: Privacy made in Germany

Protects your data on all websites.

Encrypt your texts, pictures and files.

Only you grant contacts access to your data.

Works effortlessly.

Protect my Privacy now!
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Effortless and easy encryption

Using BitBuckler is as easy as pie. Encrypt your messages, pictures and files with just two clicks. Only You decide who may access your private data. BitBuckler conveniently and securely handles the encryption for you.


Secured by top-notch cryptography

BitBuckler offers full end-to-end encryption. It only uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES 256 Bit) to encrypt your data. AES is a high security standard recommended by many security-minded organizations such as NIST.

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Seamless integration on all of your devices

Whether you are using Chrome, Firefox or your smartphone to browse the web, BitBuckler is already available for your favourite browser on all mayor platforms. Apps for Android and iPhone are soon to follow.


Works with endless web applications

Yammer, Gmail, or Dropbox - BitBuckler works with all of your favourote web applications. It integrates seemlessly with social networks, e-mail services and cloud-storages.


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